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SATTELO is a company providing technical project management, product development and business development, technical consultancy and strategic marketing in a global scale of business. Our services are based on ethics, cross-functionality, acquired know-how, communication, flexibility and mainly large network considering OEMs as well as supply chain.

Core of the company has been built up on an experienced team able to deliver projects across automotive industry segments with the aid of its supply chain.


„Our product is our service,
based on technical and market know-how,
supported by global network, we aim to deliver your projects.”


We have overall technical and engineering know-how, in order to lead variety of projects. Detailed knowledge is mainly in the field of air conditioning, followed by noise control, engine emissions and engine accessories.

A great add on to our own team are teams from our partner companies, where what we call partner is a well-established company, with own know-how and top quality manufacturing. SATTELO acts as a member of each partner company, together we complete one strong team with global presence and extensive market experience.